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To serve, inspire and style women who invest in themselves and wardrobe with chic, classy and casual pieces.

Faith, customer service, quality, excellence

What we do
We serve
We style
We love
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Why do we do what we do
As a hard working professional, we understand that your time is precious and spare. You know the golden rule of fashion and beauty, when you look good, you feel good, but life's demands often put your wants and needs on the back burner. From the job demands, home, family and adulting demands it seems like all that's left most days is time to catch a few Zzz's.

You realize that order to be the best mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, boss and human it's vital to take care of yourself and your needs so you can show up as the best you for every part of your life. 

You deserve new, you deserve to be served, you deserve to look and feel good everyday of your life. 

That's why we are here, because...

1. Retail therapy is real: shopping takes your mind off of life's demands, it boosts your confidence, it's refreshing and gratifying because you are contributing to your self image

2. You deserve to be loved and served: being catered to, respected and loved brings you joy and that joy is contagious. 

3. All you need is a little inspiration: We provide style inspiration so that when you wear your Noted pieces you can quickly find a look that suits the occasion and your mood.  No more spending hours trying on fiftyleven outfits and ending up frustrated, simply build your Noted wardrobe and we will style the looks for you. 

Put simply, Noted exists to help you bring out the best version of yourself, the joyous version.  

Who are we???
Noted is made up of a small team of hard working, creative and loving women. 

How it all started...
In the summer of 2018, Brittany Boone's (founder and owner) entrepreneurial itch came in a full breakout, God laid a vision on her to start a retail store with fashion, home décor and gifts. 

She knew she couldn't afford retail space yet along the product to fill it at the time. So she decided to start SOMEWHERE.

Brittany created a few gift baskets, but something wasn’t right, it had too much variety and different brands, she wanted something that was more branded and concise and thought, why not create the product that goes into the gift baskets. 

She then ventured off into creating smelly goods (hence the name Noted aka scents and a word that she frequently uses to say “got it”). She created soaps and lotions and enjoyed the few batches even though she still didn’t perfect the recipe.

In the midst of her smelly good production phase, she got pregnant!! A blessing, no doubt, but it came with a terrible case of first trimester morning sickness. She couldn’t even LOOK at the smelly good products.

The THOUGHT of the fragrances made her want to vomit. Brittany was bummed because her master plan was to have the recipes perfected by the holidays and share them as gifts with family and friends to test the market, but she literally could not get the guts to face those fragrances.

Instead of mass production during my Christmas break she was stuck on the couch watching tv. She watched a show called Minding Your Business where a business consultant comes into your business and fixes the bugs.

This one particular episode was about a young lady, probably not too much older than Brittany, started her boutique 3 years ago. She said she started with nothing and literally no experience she just followed her love of fashion and it blew up overnight.

Everything about her story lifted Brittany, it brought back her feelings from earlier in the summer, which she completely forgot her original idea was to open a retail shop with fashion, home décor and gifts.

Brittany thought, if she couldn't bring her fragranced body care to life at this time, why not help others bring their business to life and provide business resources for them. 

As she was working on this incubator plan she received some advice from a local successful retail owner, he said "before you try and help someone else, you need to first help yourself."

Those words totally changed Brittany's perspective and she took it as "I need to first figure out how to make a business successful before I can teach others how to make their business successful."  

So she moved forward with branding women's fashion and has never looked back.


A thought from Brittany...

“Appearance is Everything” that was my full bio on Twitter for the longest, my husband still teases me about it to this day. It’s true though!!! Your appearance defines you rather you want to admit it or not. Before you even open your mouth, your clothes, your hair, your appearance tells others a story about you. What do you want your appearance to say about you? 


Enjoy your shopping experience with Noted, be inspired by the pieces and envision yourself in them. We ship fast and pretty. We can't wait to see you in your new pieces, be sure to tag us on Instagram @styledbynoted to be featured!


Noted Team